Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jordan's Blotch Story (English Version)

My Veggie Story By Jordan.

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Hot Dog is a giant Hot Dog who bites anyone who annoys him. Cucumberman is old and a wrinkly.

Hot Dog and Cucumberman get lost in the swamp.The swamp is very muddy and there are lots of dead trees that smell like a bad dirty diaper.

They thought about which trail to follow. They chose one trail and followed the trail. They heard someone behind them. They started running and the trail became slippery. Hot Dog didn’t watch where he was going. He screamed as he fell in the mud.

Hot Dog was sinking in quickly he screamed for help.

Cucumberman rushed and carried the log and placed the log down in front of Hot Dog.The mud was up to his arms as Hot Dog was sinking.He held onto the log.Hot Dog was heavy. Cucumber man lifted him up then Cucumberman broke his back. Hot Dog was out of the mud and Hot Dog carried Cucumberman on his back.They walked for two hours until they were home.

© 2016 Jordan

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