Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Countdown drama


BY Jordan

I arrived a countdown early in the morning.
I walked into Countdown with my shopping  list. I picked a shopping Trolley .

When I was walking around getting my groceries. suddenly I slipped over. Some spilt  cooking oil. The old man shouted “wooooo!”. The old man landed on his back. I rushed over to help. The old man told me that he broke his leg. The Checkout woman called 111.

I lifted the old man up on to the stretcher. I lifted the stretcher into the ambulance. The ambulance Screeched off.  The ambulance siren was very loud. “WEEOOW WEEOO.” The ambulance drove off to the  hospital very quickly. I heard a six year old boy that was laughing at the old man. “Haha haha, you slipped over.”  About 9.30 I Finished doing my shopping...

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Read this this is cool

The old man that bumped his head at Caltex by Jordan

A old man that bumped his head at Caltex was called Henry.

When he arrived at Caltex. He filed his car with fuel. The fuel costs twenty nine dollars and fifty cents. When he was about to pay he slipped on leaking petrol he wacked his head on the fuel pump. He lay down and he could see stars and talking fuel pumps.

The anbulance came and picked up Henry on to the strecher and lifted him up inside the ambulance and closed the ambulance door. It drove to the hospital. and Henry passed out in the ambulance.

Henry woke up in a room he looked around
the room and the tv was on. Henry’s head felt sore. He was scared and he tried escaping out the window. He jumped out the window and he...