Friday, 24 July 2015

Going to the Dentist

  We arrived at the dental clinic which  was at Pt England School .  Natasha .Matthew ;Troy. ,Kevin . Katy,              Nikhil and I.
     were waiting for the dentists . The dentist was on break so we sat down  until the dentists finished
their break Katy was first to see the dentist  Katy. Natasha  and the dentist  walked into room four   .Then me .Troy. Matthew walked into room three . We sat down and  Nikhil was first to see the dentist .He sat down on the chair the dentist started to check his teeth .She used special tools inside  Nikhil mouth and scrapped out dirty food off his teeth

 The dentist lady was checking my teeth. She was looking for unhealthy   or dirty teeth. The dentist  cleaned my teeth .My throat felt dry when the dentist  was cleaning my teeth 

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  1. Hi Jordan,
    Great to hear that you are doing so much and learning how to care for your teeth. They have to last your whole life so it is good to visit the dentist regularly.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs.
    From Ms Hayes, Bailey Road School