Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Countdown drama


BY Jordan

I arrived a countdown early in the morning.
I walked into Countdown with my shopping  list. I picked a shopping Trolley .

When I was walking around getting my groceries. suddenly I slipped over. Some spilt  cooking oil. The old man shouted “wooooo!”. The old man landed on his back. I rushed over to help. The old man told me that he broke his leg. The Checkout woman called 111.

I lifted the old man up on to the stretcher. I lifted the stretcher into the ambulance. The ambulance Screeched off.  The ambulance siren was very loud. “WEEOOW WEEOO.” The ambulance drove off to the  hospital very quickly. I heard a six year old boy that was laughing at the old man. “Haha haha, you slipped over.”  About 9.30 I Finished doing my shopping...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jordon, I am glad that you helped the man who fell in your story, that is very kind.
    I do like your illustration too, especially the colours you have used.