Friday, 20 March 2015

cricket day

On Thursday we were going to be playing cricket
First we had to put on our sports shirts . After that we got our bags then we  had to wait outside for Kevin to get all the stuff we might need .When Kevin was ready to go we all walked to the Sunshine van. Kevin went into the van  ,he drove the van out so that we all could enter the van.  I sat next to Finn and by Elly. When we got there was a lot of kids and teachers there .  We all went into this  building and everyone had morning tea inside but not me. After that
we all went outside and walked to the park and we all put our bags down under the green tent outside. After that the man talked for a little bit about the things we can do with the other kids after that we walked to the next   ______  when there two boys told us  what to do split in two groups we all had a turn throwing the ball at the net  a we had to catch the ball after that we had to change  ______  

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