Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Athletics Day 2015

On Thursday 25th March our class and Edgewater 1 and 2 were going to Mt Smart . First we all got changed in to our sports clothes .We got our chromebooks and checked our email. 

Then we got our bags and we walked to the back gate and waited for the bus then Edgewater 1 and 2 came walking to the back gate where we all waited for  the bus.The bus was waiting at the front gate for us.After the bus arrived at the back gate our class went in first then when the other classes were in the bus, the bus driver drove all of us to Mt Smart.

When we got there we had to walk to the field, there were two other schools at Mt Smart when we got there,  we walked past the other schools. We sat down and we put on our competitors numbers,then we walked down to the field.

The girls went first running while the boys do the field activities. We cheered the other schools. After that we took Aidan and Keenen and Bradley to the shot put They had to wait for a long time. When we walked to the other side of the field  me and Joseph were going to be doing softball throw. Joseph went first, he  threw the ball as far as he could Joseph had 2 more throws left till it was my turn. Then it was my turn.

Kevin told me it was my turn, I took the the ball from the lady,the lady said throw it far, I stepped behind the white line. I threw the  ball very far,  on my last throw I threw  the ball further  than the 2nd one.  After my last throw we took Michael to do his softball.

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  1. Hey Jordan!
    Hope you are enjoying Term 2.
    Have just read through your athletics day blog. Awesome. You're the man!
    Love the picture of you winning the 4x100m relay race.
    Chris Bush and I are so proud of what you are achieving at school!
    I'm going to take your running race photo to your mum. She'll love it:-)
    I'm coming to visit at lunch.
    See you soon.